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IRMA-L is a moderated e-mail distribution list dedicated to promoting professional and educational activities within the community of the Information Resources Management Association (IRMA), and in general, the information science and technology community around the world. This list is intended to be used as a vehicle for discussion of all aspects (e.g., issues, trends, problems, challenges, opportunities, etc.) surrounding information science and technology management as well as the distribution of professional announcements (e.g., job openings, promotions, conferences, scholarly publications, etc.). Overall, the list should be used as a forum for creating, disseminating, and applying intellectual resources and knowledge, assisting individuals and organizations around the world to enhance their understanding of the greater utilization and management of information science and technologies.

Typical Uses of IRMA-L

Subscribers to the list are encouraged to use IRMA-L for distributing messages such as:
  • Announcements of professional events
  • Announcements of scholarly publication contents (e.g., table of contents)
  • Requests for information from the IRMA-L community
    (Note: reply only to individual posting the request, rather than sharing the response with the entire IRMA-L community. If appropriate, the original requester of information should share the collective responses later with the IRMA-L community)
  • News that is of general interest to the field of information science and technology
  • Industry and academic position announcements
  • Funding announcements for research and professional development programs
  • Announcements highlighting recent research findings
  • Requests for collaboration between industry and academics
  • Calls for papers for forthcoming publications and/or upcoming conferences

IRMA-L Policy and Conditions

  • IRMA-L posts must not be a) confidential, b) in violation of copyright law, c) defamatory, or d) in violation of any other law.
  • IRMA-L posts must be in good taste and not inflammatory, offensive, or political in content.
  • IRMA-L should not be used as a forum for discussion, unless that discussion is related to information science and technology and is of significant importance to a large majority of IRMA-L subscribers.
  • IRMA-L should not be used to advertise items or services that are marketed in an effort to generate profit, without advanced written permission from the IRMA-L Moderator.
  • IRMA-L should not be used for personal communication (e.g. change of contact details or self-promotion).
  • IRMA-L should not be used to distribute file attachments, however, the message may contain URL links to a file.
  • Only IRMA-L subscribers may distribute messages over IRMA-L.
  • The IRMA-L Moderator reserves the right to limit the number of post requests coming from a duplicate source, and also may limit the repeated distribution of the same information, as well as excessive frequency of this list.
  • Conference organizers may distribute one call for papers (CFP) for their conference, as well as one submission deadline reminder, and one message pertaining to the registration and/or program information. Individual track CFP postings will be denied. Multi-track conferences may coordinate one single posting containing URLs for further information.
  • The IRMA-L Moderator reserves the right to temporarily or permanently reject posts from any individual who fails to abide by these conditions, and also remove all previous postings from archives with or without cause.
  • The Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) reserves the right to edit or amend the IRMA-L Policy and Conditions at any time.

Posting an Announcement on IRMA-L

To post a message to all subscribers of IRMA-L, send an e-mail message containing your announcement to the list address

All messages should have a clear subject line, reflecting the contents of the message. If your announcement is not related to the field of information science and technology or it is somehow offensive, it will not be posted on IRMA-L. Furthermore, messages should be in good taste and non-discriminatory in nature, and it should reflect the respect for good name of the sender and his/her organizations.

Unsubscribing from IRMA-L

To Sign Off from IRMA-L, simply send an e-mail message to with the following message in the main body of your message:


Note1: No signature should be included, and the SUBJECT heading of your message should be left blank.
Note2: IRMA-L accepts SIGN OFF request only from the address that you initially subscribed from.

If you should encounter any difficulties, please contact the IRMA-L Moderator at
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