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Eduardo M. Lacap, Jr.

Eduardo M. Lacap, Jr., M. Sc., Ph. D. Dr. Eduardo is a farmer, fisherman, mentor, husband, father, and statistician. He held some leadership roles including interim Head of a University Statistical Center, Regional Coordinator of a Philippine Statistics organization, and Dean of College of Science in a state university. He was a professorial lecturer in a School of Graduate Studies handling methods of research and statistical analysis. Currently, he is connected to University of Technology and Applied Sciences where he mainly served as a lecturer and data analyst. Besides teaching, curriculum development and reviews were his main tasks across the university. In addition, he consistently served as a consultant for policy analysis of the University through statistically driven artifacts of which some had been used as evidence to amend or replace an existing policy. He had prepared numerous data-driven white papers for the University using analytics which directly or indirectly influences policy makers in crafting their decision.

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