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Elena A. Railean

Elena Railean, PhD in Pedagogy, is a senior lecturer at European University of Moldova. Elena is the main author of more than 75 scientific articles in applied learning theory, design and methodology. The most significance papers are: Knowledge Model for Electronic Textbook Design (in Enterprise Resource Planning Models for the Education Sector: Applications and Methodologies, K. K. Patel (Ed.)); Issues and challenges associated with the design of electronic textbook (in User Interface Design for Virtual Environments: Challenges and Advances, B. H. Khan (Ed.)) and Instructional dynamic and flexible strategy: integrity of effective methods for engaging all learners in classrooms (in Critical Practice in P-12 Education: Transformative Teaching and Learning S. Lawrence (Ed.)). Her visions about e-pedagogy were published in book E-books & E-readers for E-Learning (Tiong-Thye Gon, Boon-Chong Seet, Pei-Chen Sun (Eds)).
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