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Gabriel Popescu

Gabriel Popescu is the Director Department of Agro-Food and Environmental Economics, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania, and PhD mentor. He has a wide experience as a trainer, project manager, research team leader in national/international programs, as: Project manager for “Support Services in Agriculture” with World Bank/Academy of Economic Studies; Assistance for the SME during 2002-2003, with the World Bank and County Agency for Employment Giurgiu; Research team leader within “Creating Support Cooperation between the University Business Incubator Giurgiu and University Business Incubator Ruse,” 2004-2005, Ministry of European Integration; Research team leader within “Promote Regional Convergence: The Enhancement of Scientific Networks in Rural Development,” Ministry of Education and Research/Agricultural Economics Research Institute of the Romanian Academy, partner – Centre for Research, Analysis, and Regional Policy, Academy of Economic Studies, 2006-2008; and Project Manager for National Partner I within “Programs Postdoctoral Research at the Forefront of Excellence in the IST and Developing Products and Processes,” 2007-2013, with National Research Institute – Development for Textile and Leather. During March-May 2012, he was Advisor of State in the Prime Minister working staff for Economic Affairs, Government of Romania, and from 2010-present is Director, Postdoctoral School “Knowledge Transfer Economy in Environment and Sustainable Development.” Gabriel Popescu is the Associate Editor, International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (USA), 2008-present; he is Expert ARACIS, quality assessment in higher education, teaching and research in higher education, and since 2009, is national expert in the panel of world experts of the highest level, nominated by HLPE/CFS, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. He has earned few awards: Nicholas Georgescu Roegen Diploma for scientific research activities in national or international projects, Academy of Economic Studies, April 2005; Diploma for substantial personal contribution to the establishment of BRIE, as a unique format of cross-border cooperation in South-Eastern Europe, from the University Anghel Kanchev Ruse, Bulgaria, May 9, 2003; Diploma of excellence for professional and scientific activity and prodigious contributions to the affirmation of the economic school from the Academy of Economic Studies, March 2003; Diploma of Honor, Academy of Economic Studies, March 2003; Awards for outstanding work in the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies 1977, 1978. His scientific activity includes 51 research projects, 120 studies and articles, and 17 books, treatises, and manuals.
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