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Kassa Teshager Alemu

Kassa Teshager Alemu has a PhD (Development Studies) and has been teaching and doing research at Ethiopian Civil Service University since 2005. He is currently a deputy dean for research and community service in the college of finance, management, and development. He holds a B.A in development management from Ethiopian Civil Service University; M.A in local and regional development from the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, the Netherlands, and a PhD in development studies from the University of South Africa. He is a multimethod research course trainer at Partnership for African Governance and Social Science Research (PASGR). He was a guest researchers’ scholarship award at Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden. He has published widely in the areas of development and has rich experience in teaching and research. His research interests include: Rural Development, livelihoods, land, agriculture, food security, migration, social protection, value chain, rural and urban development, local economic development, private sector local governance, decentralization, and NGOs development. He is a member of these learned associations: Ethiopian Economics Association; African Growth and Development Policy Modeling Con-sortium (AGRODEP); APS HRMnet, Abebech Gobena Yehetsanat Kebekabena Limat Mahber (AGOHLMA).
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