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Marina Riga

Marina T. Riga is a Health Economist. The main theme of her PhD thesis focuses on the impact of medical errors on healthcare quality, patient safety, fiscal consolidation and cost containment on Healthcare Systems. Under this burden of serious economic and social implications of medical errors, the Information Technology implementation for detecting, reporting and analyzing the preventablee errors can lead to continuous learning for the multi-professionals involved, improvement in quality of care, patients’ safety and reduction of medical errors on Healthcare Systems, worldwide. Her relevant international publications include: MERIS (Medical Error Reporting Information System) as an innovative patient safety intervention: a health policy perspective (Health Policy, 2015), Medical Errors in Greece: An Economic Analysis of Compensations Awarded by Civil Courts (2000-2009) (Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 2014). Dr. Riga has mainly taught and published in the area of health economics, policy, quality assurance and health care management. She has been collaborating with researchers in EU health projects. Dr. Riga and her work received a notable award, titled: The Best Published Research Paper on issue of medical errors and adverse events.
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