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Ronald John Lofaro

Ronald John Lofaro, PhD is an aviation psychologist whose last FAA post was as the FAA liaison and visiting professor in Human Factors and Systems, at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, FL. Prior to that, he spent 2 years as the sole FAA liaison to the ten USAF Research Labs and the USAF Aeronautical Systems Center at WPAFB, OH. During that time, he also was a visiting professor, with dual appointments in Aviation and Systems Engineering, at The Ohio State University. Dr. Lofaro went to Ohio from the FAA’s Technical Center where he was a manager in the FAA’s Airworthiness Assurance R&D Division. Ron had gone to the FAA's Technical Center in 1993, from FAA HQ in D.C.--- where he had begun his second tour of duty with the FAA. While at FAA HQ, he was project manager on a variety of R&D efforts focused on human factors in flight crew training, performance and assessment as well as ATCS selection. He worked on numerous major projects with NASA, USN, USAF, and various Universities. While at FAA HQ, Ron was name-requested to give ten (10) different short-courses/seminars for Industry and various federal government agencies, in flightcrew resource management, aeronautical decision-making and aviation safety. Ron came to the FAA from the Army Aviation Command, where his 5-plus year stint included R&D in pilot air-to-air combat training; the development and implementation of a computer-based pilot selection and placement test used by Army Aviation for 5 years; pilot performance assessment. During his time with Army Aviation, he spent a year as a member of an Army Safety Center "go-team" for Class A aviation accident investigation He has already published 80 articles and Technical Reports, plus 8 book chapters in reference texts. Topics include Cognitive Knowledge Engineering; Aeronautical Decision-Making in the Operational environment (ODM); Flight simulators and Training; Operational/usability testing, Crew Resource Management (CRM); Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT); Aviator candidate selection and classification; Air Traffic Controller Specialist selection; Aviation safety; Aircrew/pilot training and performance evaluation; Aviation security human factors; Aviation maintenance human factors; Maintenance resource management (MRM) training and various aspects of OD/OR. He has also published multiple articles on educational issues. Upon graduation from college, Ron served as a commissioned officer in USAF. After completing of his tour of duty, he obtained two masters and his doctorate at NYU and Queens College/CUNY with, later, post-doctoral work at the University of North Florida; spending 12 years as a University professor. He has been an adjunct associate professor for ERAU since 1985, teaching at 4 of their extended campus locations. After retiring from FAA, he spent 8 years at the ERAU NAS Pensacola campus and was chosen faculty of the year for 2006 and again in 2009/10 at this ERAU site. His professional affiliations include past membership in the Aerospace Medical Association/Human Factors, the International Association of Aviation Psychologists, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the Air Transport Association's (ATA) CRM Integration and Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) work groups, the ATA Aviation Maintenance Human Factors sub-committee, the ATA Human Factor's Task Force and the SAE G-10 Behavioral Engineering Technology Committee.
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