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Modern Concepts in the Curriculum and the Teaching of Nanotechnology

Modern Concepts in the Curriculum and the Teaching of Nanotechnology
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Author(s): Gamal S. Ahmed (Cairo University, Egypt)
Copyright: 2012
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Pages: 9
Source title: International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education (IJICTE)
Editor(s)-in-Chief: David D. Carbonara (Duquesne University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/jicte.2012070107


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Nanotechnology is regarded as the technology of the 21st century. Due to the revolution of nanotechnology, its presence divides the world into advanced countries and developing. Nanotechnology education is now a domestic and international challenge to solve the problems facing society, while simultaneously making life and the future better. This study creates concepts in nanotechnology education, discovering modern concepts in the curriculum and teaching of nanotechnology, enabling educators to design an effective nanotechnology curriculum in addition to planning suitable learning environments, at the same time, helping academics to study and develop nanotechnology science effectively. Although the present study has adopted the descriptive approach to organize modern concepts in nanotechnology education, some researchers have pointed to the importance of integrating disparate nanotechnology concepts into curricula matrices and teaching activities through all educational stages to face the educational lack in this area internationally (e.g., Drane, Swarat, Light, Hersam, & Mason, 2009; Hersam, Luna, & Light, 2004; Meyyappan, 2004). This affirms that nanotechnology education must be treated academically to attain contemporary educational objectives.

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