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Global Perspectives on Maritime Occupational Wellness

Global Perspectives on Maritime Occupational Wellness
Author(s)/Editor(s): Nihan Şenbursa (University of Ordu, Turkey)
Copyright: ©2025
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9219-2
ISBN13: 9781668492192
ISBN10: 1668492199
EISBN13: 9781668492215


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The maritime industry often overlooks the well-being of its employees despite the demanding nature of their work. Seafarers face unique challenges, including long periods away from home, high-stress levels, and limited access to healthcare services. These factors can lead to physical and mental health issues, affecting not only the individuals but also the safety and efficiency of maritime operations. Current research on maritime employees' wellness needs to be improved, leaving a crucial gap in understanding and addressing these challenges.

Global Perspectives on Maritime Occupational Wellness provides a comprehensive solution by offering in-depth research and practical strategies to improve the well-being of maritime employees. We delve into seafarers' behavioral and psychological aspects, examining their work environment's impact on their mental and physical health. Through expert insights and innovative ideas, we aim to equip senior executives, HR professionals, and maritime industry leaders with the knowledge and tools to support their employees effectively.

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