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Promoting Sustainability in Psychosocial Travel Techniques

Promoting Sustainability in Psychosocial Travel Techniques
Author(s)/Editor(s): Andrea Edurne Jimenez Ruiz (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, Mexico), Volha Rudkouskaya (Belarus State Economic University, Belarus), Nathalie Landeta Bejarano (Universidad Tecnica de Babahoyo, Ecuador)and Shivam Bhartiya (Jain University, India)
Copyright: ©2025
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-3150-7
ISBN13: 9798369331507
EISBN13: 9798369331514


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In today's fast-paced world, the travel industry faces the dual challenge of mitigating its environmental impact while promoting the mental and emotional well-being of travelers. Traditional travel practices often lead to significant carbon footprints and can contribute to the degradation of local communities and ecosystems. Additionally, the hurried nature of modern travel can leave tourists feeling stressed and disconnected, rather than rejuvenated.

Promoting Sustainability in Psychosocial Travel Techniques addresses these pressing issues by offering a comprehensive exploration of sustainable travel practices that also enhance psychological health. This book provides valuable insights into how mindful travel practices, community engagement, and cultural sensitivity can create enriching travel experiences that benefit both the environment and the traveler. It emphasizes the importance of integrating psychosocial approaches into travel to foster deeper connections with nature and local cultures, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and fulfilling travel experience.

Author's/Editor's Biography

Andrea Edurne Jimenez Ruiz (Ed.)
Andrea Jiménez Ruiz has a degree in tourism with a specialty in tourism business administration and a master's degree in Territorial Development and Agri-food Tourism. PhD student in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Volha Rudkouskaya (Ed.)
Dr. Volha Rudkouskaya, Ph.D. in Economics, currently holds the position of Associate Professor and serves as the Head of the Department at Belarus State Economic University. With an impressive 17-year tenure as a seasoned professor, her academic focus revolves around Finance, Financial Management, and Strategic Development. Dr. Rudkouskaya has established herself as a leading expert in the fields of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Financial Planning. Her dedication to academia is evident through her extensive contribution to research, having authored and published over 50 papers. In addition to her teaching and research roles, she assumes the role of the Annual Chair for the "Finance and Accounting" session at the International Economic Business Congress, showcasing her leadership and commitment to advancing knowledge in the realm of economics and finance.

Nathalie Bejarano (Ed.)
Associate professor in Tourism and research Senescyt acreditado. Coordinadora de Facultad de Investigación. Specialist in Tourism Politics for Destinations

Shivam Bhartiya (Ed.)
Dr Shivam Bhartiya, at CDOE, JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University), Shivam Bhartiya is an esteemed professional working as an assistant professor in the field of tourism management in the department of commerce and management. Data analysis, research and development, problem solving, administrative and teaching expertise—Shivam’s wide skill set makes him a vibrant contributor to the academic world. Publications of his important research papers in esteemed journals and his position as publisher of books indexed by Scopus attest to his dedication to research excellence. Shivam has not only made significant contributions to academia, but he has also been a sought-after speaker, giving guest lectures at prestigious universities and organizations throughout the world. His participation in scientific committees, along with his other notable accomplishments, has solidified his position as an invaluable resource to the field of academia and research.


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