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Attributed State Actors

Attributed State Actors
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Copyright: 2021
Pages: 33
Source title: Real-Time and Retrospective Analyses of Cyber Security
Source Author(s)/Editor(s): David Anthony Bird (British Computer Society, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3979-8.ch004


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Chapter 4 looks at the technical aspects and effects of some attributed and high-profile state-sponsored cyber-attacks that have been encountered through our interaction with the networked world. Coverage also includes a look at the approach of nation-states against commercial companies as well as government institutions to achieve various objectives. The author uses these scenarios to focus attention on the important pillars of cyber security that all have important interrelationships in safeguarding of data and information. Within the context of their implementation, a weakness or series of weaknesses within one or more pillars can be enough to facilitate a cyber-attack. These pillars are underpinned by important factors, and the impact of improper cyber security considerations can be directly and indirectly problematic to continued e-commerce and our constructive evolution of knowledge sharing across the internet.

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