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Socio-Economic Perspectives on Vocational Skill Development
Vocational skill development (VSD) has the capacity to contribute to poverty reduction because it serves as the key to job creation and inclusive growth. As developed...
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Multidisciplinary Issues Surrounding African Diasporas
Members of diasporic populations often have a unique, dual persona consisting of one’s migrant role as a permanent or transient member of a new country and one’s role...
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Recent Advances in 3D Imaging, Modeling, and Reconstruction
3D image reconstruction is used in many fields, such as medicine, entertainment, and computer science. This highly demanded process comes with many challenges, such as...
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Leveraging Digital Innovation for Governance, Public Administration, and Citizen Services
Digital innovations are often non-linear, non-incremental, and perhaps at times, disruptive processes that have transformed private as well as public service delivery....
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Metrics and Models for Evaluating the Quality and Effectiveness of ERP Software
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a class of integrated software that uses software technologies to implement real-time management of business processes in an...
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Revolutionizing Education in the Age of AI and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence (AI) serves as a catalyst for transformation in the field of digital teaching and learning by introducing novel solutions to revolutionize all...
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Financial Determinants in Local Re-Election Rates
Accounting information, on the one hand, allows government officials to obtain better information to support greater decision making, transparency, and accountability....
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Networked Business Models in the Circular Economy
Economic changes in a globalized world require businesses to create new management practices to remain competitive and successful. While a network paradigm is a key...
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Advanced Catalysis Processes in Petrochemicals and Petroleum Refining
Petroleum refining and the petrochemical industry play an important role in the current world economy. They provide the platform to convert basic raw materials into...
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Cases on Global Leadership in the Contemporary Economy
Organizations who want to keep their competitive advantage in global markets need to be able to successfully operate across cultures. The challenge is that there are...
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Dialectical Perspectives on Media, Health, and Culture in Modern Africa
Communication plays a critical role in enhancing social, cultural, and business relations. Research on media, language, and cultural studies is fundamental in a...
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Handbook of Research on Contemporary Consumerism
Societal marketing has gained widespread recognition in the marketing discipline both in academia and the professional industry. The Handbook of Research on...
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Claiming Identity Through Redefined Teaching in Construction Programs
Without a rich learning source that presents state-of-the-art pedagogy covering the key areas of contemporary practice, the industrial field may fall out of line with...
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Theoretical and Applied Mathematics in International Business
In the past, practical applications motivated the development of mathematical theories, which then became the subject of study in pure mathematics where abstract...
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Global Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Paths in Islamic Education
The process of curriculum enhancement through various educational approaches aims to enhance quality assurance in the educational process itself. In Islamic education...
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User-Centered Software Development for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Human-computer interaction studies the users and their interaction with an interactive software system (ISS). However, these studies are designed for people without any...
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Novel Advancements in Electrical Power Planning and Performance
As the demand for efficient energy sources continues to grow, electrical systems are becoming more essential to meet these increased needs. Electrical generation and...
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Cases on Green Energy and Sustainable Development
Despite the urgent need for action, there is a widespread lack of understanding of the benefits of using green energy sources for not only reducing carbon emissions and...
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Exploring the Power of Electronic Word-of-Mouth in the Services Industry
User opinions about service experiences have been extensively acknowledged to play a key role in influencing the consumption decisions of other customers. The...
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Electrical Insulation Breakdown and Its Theory, Process, and Prevention
In electrical engineering manufacturing, one of the most important processes stems from making sure the material used to distribute the electrical current is safe and...
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Global Demand for Borderless Online Degrees
In recent decades, community colleges and universities have struggled with less funding, increased competition, and shrinking enrollment. Borderless online degrees...
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Handbook of Research on Social and Organizational Dynamics in the Digital Era
Technology in the world today impacts every aspect of society and has infiltrated every industry, affecting communication, management, security, etc. With the emergence...
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Re-Coding Homes Through Flexible Interiors
Cities are not only places that house buildings; they are also spaces where cultural and social relations are built and developed. These properties must be taken into...
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Cultural Perspectives on Global Research Epistemology
Cultural values and structures differ in societies throughout the world. For example, the traditional conformism of Confucian countries is vastly dissimilar from the...
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IoT and WSN Applications for Modern Agricultural Advancements
Currently, the demand by consumption of agricultural products may be predicted quantitatively; moreover, the variation of harvest and production by the change of a...
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