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Digitizing the Modern Library and the Transition From Print to Electronic
The development of online digital libraries has enhanced the availability of printed materials. By implementing these systems, this ensures the access of material to...
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Concept Parsing Algorithms (CPA) for Textual Analysis and Discovery
Text analysis tools aid in extracting meaning from digital content. As digital text becomes more and more complex, new techniques are needed to understand conceptual...
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Advanced Concept Maps in STEM Education
Concept mapping has often been acknowledged as an efficient instrument for aiding students in learning new information. Examining the impact this tool provides in STEM...
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Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
In recent years, our world has experienced a profound shift and progression in available computing and knowledge sharing innovations. These emerging advancements have...
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Ideological Function of Deming Theory in Higher Education
Quality management initiatives have benefited organizations in the corporate world for several years. With this success, these methodologies are now being implemented...
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Building Brand Equity and Consumer Trust Through Radical Transparency Practices
The creation of business value and competitive advantage is crucial to any company in the modern corporate sector. By developing positive relationships with consumers...
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Aligning Perceptual and Conceptual Information for Cognitive Contextual System Development
The rise of technology has led to rapid developments in robotic intelligence and its various applications. The success or failure of these systems is linked closely...
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Philosophical Perceptions on Logic and Order
Strong reasoning skills are an important aspect to cultivate in life, as they directly impact decision making on a daily basis. By examining the different ways the...
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Fostering Positive Civic Engagement Among Millennials
The millennial generation is quickly becoming more prominent in the political, economic, and social aspects of modern society. Studying new techniques which foster...
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A Simplex Approach to Learning, Cognition, and Spatial Navigation
Perception plays a key role in numerous aspects of life in contemporary society. By developing tools to effectively measure perception and spatial recognition, a range...
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Advanced Cloud Computing Security Techniques and Applications
The use of cloud computing has tremendously increased in popularity in recent years. However, with this advance in technology, new concerns about data security have...
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Smart Technologies for Emergency Response and Disaster Management
Disaster management is an imperative area of concern for society on a global scale. Understanding how to best utilize information and communication technology to help...
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Global Ideologies Surrounding Children
Social rights are a pivotal concern for all of society, including today’s population of children. The study of the rights, or lack thereof, that children have must be...
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Funding Challenges and Successes in Arts Education
The arts and humanities are considered to be a core academic subject under federal law. This designation grants these education programs the right to federal funds;...
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Student Engagement and Participation
The delivery of quality education to students relies heavily on the actions of an institution’s administrative staff. Effective teaching strategies allow for the...
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Smart Technologies
Ongoing advancements in modern technology have led to significant developments with smart technologies. With the numerous applications available, it becomes imperative...
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Game Theory
Developments in the use of game theory have impacted multiple fields and created opportunities for new applications. With the ubiquity of these developments, there is...
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Mobile Commerce
In the era of digital technology, business transactions and partnerships across borders have become easier than ever. As part of this shift in the corporate sphere...
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Information Technology Risk Management and Compliance in Modern Organizations
Attacks on information systems and applications have become more prevalent with new advances in technology. Management of security and quick threat identification have...
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Applying Big Data Analytics in Bioinformatics and Medicine
Many aspects of modern life have become personalized, yet healthcare practices have been lagging behind in this trend. It is now becoming more common to use big data...
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Examining the Changing Role of Supervision in Doctoral Research Projects
Academic research projects contribute to many advancements in modern life. Thus, the supervision of such works on the doctoral level is extremely important, and must...
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Managing Self-Directed Learning in Primary School Education
Students taking control of their own learning is an upcoming trend in education. With the novelty of this method, there is still room for further improvements to be...
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Optimizing Human-Computer Interaction With Emerging Technologies
The ways in which humans communicate with one another is constantly evolving. Technology plays a large role in this evolution via new methods and avenues of social and...
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Open and Distance Learning Initiatives for Sustainable Development
Education plays a vital role in the positive development of communities at both a local and global level. By becoming more informed, citizens can make better...
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Optimizing Open and Distance Learning in Higher Education Institutions
Technology has broadened learning opportunities for students in the modern age. No longer limited by proximity and location, learners can utilize online education...
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