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Bakhtiyor Rasulev

Dr. Bakhtiyor Rasulev is a professor at Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials (North Dakota State University). He received his PhD degree in Chemistry in 2002 from Uzbek Academy of Sciences. Dr. Rasulev's scientific interests are in machine learning-based cheminformatics and structure-activity relationship studies, dealing with biological activity prediction, physico-chemical and toxicity prediction of chemicals, including nanoparticles and polymers. He is an author of many contributions devoted to nanomaterials and polymeric materials, cheminformatics modeling and quantum-chemical applications. Dr. Rasulev has close collaboration with the Jackson State University (USA), University of Zagreb (Croatia), National Institute of Chemistry (Slovenia), University of Gdansk (Poland), Instituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri (Italy), Johns Hopkins University (USA) and etc. His accomplishments have been widely recognized. He is a permanent reviewer of more than 20 peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Rasulev has received many scholarships and awards, including Scholarship of Drew University (Residential School of Medicinal Chemistry, Madison, NJ), Young Investigators Award from Toxicological Division of ACS, award from CRDF Foundation, UNESCO Scholarship to visit the Institute of Desert Study of Ben-Gurion University (Israel).
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