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Online Symposium

The Online Symposium Series' mission is to promote new techniques and technologies applicable to research and instruction and connect researchers to an international network of field experts.

Where Researchers Connect

The Online Symposium Series connects you via your desktop with recognized leaders in computer science and information technology management. In this series of online seminars, well-known faculty and researchers share their knowledge and experiences on a variety of timely topics and discipline-specific issues.

Participate in a Faculty-Led Online Seminar

The Online Symposium Series' Web site features a range of resources, including information about upcoming seminars, recorded seminars from previous virtual events, and a resource page for further information on topics covered in the virtual seminars. Browse and access these resources from this page. These seminars are free to all participants on the Elluminate platform coordinated by IGI Global's Collaborative Technology Advisor, Dr. Janet Salmons. All you need to participate in a virtual seminar is a computer with an internet connection.

Utilize the Virtual Resources throughout your Academic Community

Consider utilizing these valuable resources as a learning tool in the classroom and throughout your academic community. Examples of recent use include linking the virtual seminars to library resource Web sites, including the live and recorded virtual seminars on faculty development or teaching and learning center offerings, and utilizing on the departmental level to further common goals.
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