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IRMA Code of Ethical Research Conduct

The Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) is committed to promoting a high standard of ethical conduct both among its membership and the research community as a whole. Members of IRMA International must adhere to the IRMA Code of Ethical Research Conduct in their scholarly work, research, and publishing endeavors.

Research Ethics

In conducting research, IRMA members are expected to always follow these ethical research standards:

  • Be honest in the representation of your data. Do not fabricate, falsify, or otherwise be deceitful in the descriptions and reporting of your data, research results, methods, or procedures.
  • Adhere to intellectual property guidelines. All forms of intellectual property (patents, copyrights, published material, ideas, trademarks) should be properly acknowledged if you intend to use the material as a reference.
  • Do not discriminate on the basis of protected classes, such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, etc.
  • Present research which is unbiased and supported by academic evidence including literature reviews, research results, and/or data.
  • Act with integrity and sincerity. Follow through on the agreements and promises you have made to others whether verbally or in writing.
  • Respect the confidentiality of individuals or organizations. Confidential information such as an individual's personal details, records, contract agreements, medical records, names, contact information, etc. should not be shared or publicly posted unless granted permission.
  • Provide all necessary details to research subjects and interviewees who have volunteered to be a part of a focus group, research study, or discussion. Ensure that the individuals involved have full knowledge of the risks of the study, the benefits, where the study will be shared and/or published, as well as their rights as a participant.
  • Report all instances of ethical misconduct and violations to all parties involved for the purpose of resolving and correcting any intentional or unintentional misconduct. Ensure that the reporting is justified and significant evidence is available before making and reporting any claims.

Publishing Ethics

In publishing their research results, IRMA members are expected to always follow these ethical publishing standards:

  • Do not publish any works that have been previously published without written permission from the copyright holder. This includes your own works which have already been published or contracted for publication as well as the published works of other academicians.
  • Follow all written guidelines and checklists provided by the publisher to ensure that the required criteria are being met and that the material being produced is of the highest quality and value to the academic community.
  • Adhere to double-blind peer review process procedures to ensure the academic quality and integrity of all published works.
  • Submit all necessary copyright forms and agreements required by the publisher to confirm that the materials to be published are original, have not been submitted elsewhere and/or do not include materials which have already been copyrighted.
  • Give proper credit to all editors/authors who have contributed to a project, whether as a contributor, interviewee, or other source of information.
  • Ensure that all quoted, summarized, or paraphrased materials are properly cited and appropriate credit is given to the original source. This includes text, images, as well as video material. IRMA takes charges of plagiarism, ethical misconduct, and illegal reproduction and/or distribution of copyrighted materials seriously. If ethical or illegal misconduct is proven, IRMA maintains the right to remove an individual from IRMA's membership to uphold the integrity and reputation of IRMA as a scholarly community. IRMA does not assume any responsibility for the actions, opinions, or publications of its membership.


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