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Megel R. Barker

Megel R. Barker, with 28 years of educational experience, is a distinguished leader in international education. Currently serving as the Head of Middle School at TASIS England, his career reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence. Born in Jamaica, Megel began his journey in International Education as a mathematics teacher and IGCSE coordinator at AL Sahwa Schools in Muscat. His passion for education transcended borders, leading him to become the Middle School Principal at ABA Oman International School. During this time, he also served as the Middle Years Programme (MYP) coordinator for six years. He currently reviews books for Corwin Publishing, serves as an assessor for the NPQH qualification and is an AAIE Fellow. He is also the founder of the podcast: Your Book, Your Story which provides a platform for newly published authors to share their experiences. Megel's academic achievements include a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, and his research on the impact of COVID-19 on middle leaders underscores his dedication to the field. He has presented at global conferences, sharing insights on student agency and ethical leadership. As an ASCD Ambassador for Oman, he promoted collaboration in education. He is currently the Chief Academic Officer at Education Solutions International, a philanthropic organisation providing professional development of teachers in Jamaica, and Chair of the Education Task Force at Jamaica Middle East Diaspora. Outside his career, Megel is a father of four, a scrabble enthusiast, and a lifelong learner. Megel Barker's leadership and commitment to education inspire positive change on a global scale.
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