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Rekha Pande

Rekha Pande is the Head of Centre for Women’s Studies and a faculty member in the Department of History at University of Hyderabad. Her work is in the interdisciplinary area of History and Women’s Studies. She has published in the area of Women’s history, cultural history, women and the Bhakti movement, socialization and family, girl child, child labor, women’s work, health, and violence against women, Women’s Movement, and impact of globalization on women in a number of journals both in India and abroad. She is the author of five books, Women in Nation Building- A Multi dimensional perspective( 2007), [Ed.] with Shivkumar Nalini and Mahalingam, Rema), Panchajanya Publications, Hyderabad; Religious Reform movement in Medieval India ( 2005) Gyan Publishers, New Delhi; Gender issues in the Police (2000) S.V.P. National Police Academy, Hyderabad; Child Labour in the Beedi industry(1998), Delta Publishers, Hyderabad; and Succession Struggle in the Delhi Sultanate (1990) Commonwealth Publication, New Delhi. She has been the Editor of International Feminist Journal of Politics (IFJP), Rout ledge Taylor and Francis group, U.K. She also edited Foreign Policy Analysis, which is published by Blackwell, USA. She received the International Visiting Fellowship in the School of Policy Studies, in the University of Bristol, UK. Dr. Pande is a Academic Fellow, University of Buffalo, USA, and International Visiting Scholar, at Maison De Research, Paris. She has been the Project Director of thirty three projects funded by international, national, state and non-governmental organizations. She has also been the National Core Group member of Mahila Samkhya Programme (Women’s Empowerment), Government of India. As part of this programme, she was the Executive Council member of the Mahila Samakhya programme in Uttranchal , Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar. She is a member of the Feminist Jurisprudence Committee, National Commission for Women and Core Advisory Group, and Sensitization and Capacity Building towards Eliminating Child Labor, Government of Andhra Pradesh. She is the Member of Board of Studies in a large number of Universities in India. She has widely traveled in India and abroad to deliver keynote addresses and lectures and present papers in national and international conferences.
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