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Enhancing the Adaptation of BDI Agents Using Learning Techniques

Enhancing the Adaptation of BDI Agents Using Learning Techniques
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Author(s): Stephane Airiau (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Lin Padgham (RMIT University, Australia), Sebastian Sardina (RMIT University,Australia) and Sandip Sen (University of Tulsa, USA)
Copyright: 2009
Volume: 1
Issue: 2
Pages: 18
Source title: International Journal of Agent Technologies and Systems (IJATS)
DOI: 10.4018/jats.2009040101


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Belief, Desire, and Intentions (BDI) agents are well suited for complex applications with (soft) real-time reasoning and control requirements. BDI agents are adaptive in the sense that they can quickly reason and react to asynchronous events and act accordingly. However, BDI agents lack learning capabilities to modify their behavior when failures occur frequently. We discuss the use of past experience to improve the agent’s behavior. More precisely, we use past experience to improve the context conditions of the plans contained in the plan library, initially set by a BDI programmer. First, we consider a deterministic and fully observable environment and we discuss how to modify the BDI agent to prevent re-occurrence of failures, which is not a trivial task. Then, we discuss how we can use decision trees to improve the agent’s behavior in a non-deterministic environment.

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