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Privacy Concern and Likelihood of Paying a Privacy Fee

Privacy Concern and Likelihood of Paying a Privacy Fee
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Author(s): Daniel M. Eveleth (University of Idaho, USA), Lori Baker-Eveleth (University of Idaho, USA), Norman M. Pendegraft (University of Idaho, USA) and Mark M. Rounds (University of Idaho, USA)
Copyright: 2021
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Pages: 15
Source title: International Journal of Cyber Research and Education (IJCRE)
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Karen Paullet (Robert Morris University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/IJCRE.2021010101


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This research examined the extent to which social-media users' privacy concerns affected the likelihood that they would pay a fee in exchange for a social-media company promising not to use or sell that user's data. Data to empirically test the theoretical model were collected by administering a survey to social-media users. The sample consisted of 173 usable responses. The results of the analyses, including the structural model show that users' knowledge of privacy issues, personal experience with invasions of privacy, and their levels of risk intolerance, influenced the likelihood that they would pay a privacy fee, indirectly, through their concern for privacy. Furthermore, concern for privacy had a significant, positive effect on the magnitude of an expected privacy fee.

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