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Academic Library Development and Administration in China

Academic Library Development and Administration in China
Author(s)/Editor(s): Lian Ruan (Illinois Fire Service Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA), Qiang Zhu (Peking University, China) and Ying Ye (Nanjing University, China)
Copyright: ©2017
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0550-1
ISBN13: 9781522505501
ISBN10: 1522505504
EISBN13: 9781522505518


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As the Chinese economy develops, academic libraries continue to evolve and provide indispensable services for their users. Throughout this growth, the scientific and cultural dialogue between China and the United States has made it necessary for each country’s libraries to understand each other. Academic libraries often act as catalysts for progress and innovation; proper management and applications of these resources is key to promote further research.

Academic Library Development and Administration in China provides a resource to promote Sino-U.S. communication and collaboration between their academic libraries. In considering the relationship between China and the West, this publication serves as a timely reflection on the expanding global field of information science. This publication is intended for librarians, researchers, university administrators, and information scientists in both the U.S. and China.

Reviews and Testimonials

Chinese library and information scientists describe representative projects and academic research in Chinese academic libraries since the 1990s, particularly looking at significant foundational infrastructure and support systems, including government oriented projects and exploratory studies, and covering systems, resources, services, education, and other matters. They cover national platforms, user services and buildings, digital libraries and resources, education and research, leadership and assessment, and international communication and the new model. The studies could interest librarians, researchers, and information scientists.

– Protoview Reviews

This book is highly recommended. The higher education landscape of China is very complex. This work does an excellent job of analyzing the academic library landscape, the relationships that exist between institutions, the services provided, and the challenges still being faced. Although each chapter is written by a different author, the book is cohesive. Grounded in research that is specific to China, the authors do not hesitate to consider Western research, theory, and practices and explains appropriate differences and valued similarities. This book opens the window on the academic libraries of China and successfully simplifies them and how they have developed in the way that they have.

– Mark Shelton, Director of Library Services, College of the Holy Cross, USA

Highly Recommended. All the chapters together present a complete picture of how academic libraries in China are adapting themselves in a rapidly changing digital environment and keep themselves abreast with current trends in librarianship in the world.

– Andrew Y. Lee, George Mason University Libraries, USA

Chinese academic libraries have made an excellent progress since the 1970s with the introduction of technology and the construction of many new library buildings. This book discusses various aspects of academic libraries and library administration. It has 19 chapters and is divided into six sections. All chapters are well written and are scholarly with many references, black-and-white photographs, charts, figures, and tables. [...] The title discusses the growing partnerships between Chinese and American academic librarians through conferences, exchange visits, and the contributions of library pioneers. This book is an excellent addition to the library literature and is recommended for all academic libraries.

– Ravindra Nath Sharma, American Reference Books Annual

The aim of the book seems to be academic librarians, researchers and library and information professionals to introduce the field of rapidly evolving Library and Information Science assisted by technological innovations. This book serves timely understanding of the academic libraries in China to the US audiences as well as to the world. This reference book includes 6 sections on broad topics like national platforms and Chinese government sponsored projects including CALIS, CADAL, and CASHL, user services and building, education & research. The book’s 19 chapters on Chinese academic library development and administration consists of innovative user services, leadership, academic digital libraries and outreach services and many more. This book is written by the Chinese academic library practitioners and experts in the field from major Chinese and American university libraries. Highly recommended for library and information professionals in academia and educators. The target audience for this book is clearly for academic librarians around the world who would like to understand the Chinese academic library and its administration.

– Shin Freedman, MLS, MBA, Framingham State University (USA)

Author's/Editor's Biography

Lian Ruan (Ed.)
Lian Ruan is Head Librarian and Director of IFSI International Programs for the Illinois Fire Service Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The library is one of the top three fire service libraries in the U.S. Her research interests cover use and users of information and international librarianship. She is President Elect of Chinese American Librarians Association. She serves on the Illinois State Library Advisory Committee, the SLA Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Council, SLA Diversity Leadership Development Program Committee, ACRL 75th Anniversary Celebration Task Force, ACRL representative to the ALA Advocacy Coordinating Group and the ALA Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. She is the winner of the University of Illinois Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence award and the SLA Diversity Leadership Development Program award. She has helped organize the Chinese Librarians Summer Program since 2005 in cooperation with partners both in the United States and China. The Summer Program has trained more than 246 librarians from 92 organizations all over China, including the Western Region.

Qiang Zhu (Ed.)
Qiang Zhu is the Library Director at Peking University, as well as the Deputy Director of the Administrative Center of the China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS), and the Director of the Administrative Center of the China Academic Social Sciences and Humanities Library (CASHL). He is also Vice President of the Library Society of China and Chair of the Academic Library Branch, and a member of the FAIFE Committee, IFLA, ASIS&T, CALA, ALA, and the American Society of Information Science. He has been the Editor in Chief of Academic Libraries Journal since 1999, and an Editorial Board Member of Library Management since 2005. He is also the Chair of the National Library and Information Committee for Universities and Colleges under the Ministry of Education of China. He was a visiting scholar in the East Asia & Pacific Research Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from September, 1994 through July, 1995. Mr. Zhu has published more than 80 papers in the areas of academic library management, library automation, and resource-sharing systems.

Ying Ye (Ed.)
Fred Y. Ye is currently a professor at Nanjing University, a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, a life-long member of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI), and a member of the editorial committees of the Journal of Informetrics, the Journal of Data and Information Science, and more. From September 2000 to September 2001, Dr. Ye was a Fulbright research scholar at the University of Arizona and the University of Michigan in the United States. Before joining the staff at Nanjing University, Dr. Ye was Dean of the Department of Information Resource Management at Zhejiang University (2002-2012) and Associate University Librarian at Zhejiang University (1997-2000). His research interests focus on scientific metrics and his present contributions concentrate on h-type metrics for network analysis, unified informetric mechanisms described by wave-heat equations, and scientific metrics in physics, economics, and multidisciplinary fields.


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