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Handbook of Research on Competency-Based Education in University Settings

Handbook of Research on Competency-Based Education in University Settings
Author(s)/Editor(s): Karen Rasmussen (University of West Florida, USA), Pamela Northrup (University of West Florida, USA) and Robin Colson (University of West Florida, USA)
Copyright: ©2017
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0932-5
ISBN13: 9781522509325
ISBN10: 1522509321
EISBN13: 9781522509332


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The majority of adult learners are looking to attain their desired academic credentials within the shortest amount of time possible. By implementing competency-based programs, learners are accelerated through their designed program or course.

The Handbook of Research on Competency-Based Education in University Settings is a pivotal reference source for the latest academic research on the use of competency-based testing in higher education institutions. Focusing on innovative practices, strategies, and real-world scenarios, this book is ideally designed for educators, students, administrators, professionals, and academics interested in emerging developments for competency-based education initiatives.

Table of Contents


Reviews and Testimonials

Education scholars describe competency-based education as an instructional model that permits students to progress through a course or program based on their demonstrated mastery of required competencies, usually through various forms of authentic assessment such as projects or portfolios. This contrasts with the conventional approach in which students progress by completing coursework over an established period of time, term or semester. They cover setting the stage, building the system, going live, and case studies.

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Author's/Editor's Biography

Karen Rasmussen (Ed.)
Karen Rasmussen is the Chief Academic Strategist for the UWF Innovation Institute and also serves as Assistant Provost. She holds tenure and is a Professor in the discipline of Instructional Design and Technology at the University of West Florida. She leads initiatives related to career and readiness, distance learning, academic policy and academic infrastructure. As part of statewide initiatives, Dr. Rasmussen works with academic, agency, and industry colleagues across the State of Florida to build systems for program completion and career readiness through Complete Florida and My Career Shines. She has worked on the implementation of mobile learning program delivery in the areas of Performance Technology and Technology Systems Support as well as competency-based education. Dr. Rasmussen has co-authored a text on web-based instruction, as well as many articles, papers, and technical reports. She conducts research on the variables affecting learning in distance environments and persistence and success in program completion. Dr. Rasmussen has served as Department Chair and Associate Dean.

Pamela Northrup (Ed.)
Pam Northrup is Senior Associate Provost of Academic Innovation and the inaugural CEO of the University of West Florida’s Innovation Institute. Dr. Northrup has spent her career engaged in transformative educational projects with the goal of solving some of education’s toughest challenges. Most recently, Dr. Northrup is leading the Florida Virtual Campus, which is a hub for all 40 higher education institutions in Florida serving the academic library infrastructure, distance learning and student support services. Dr. Northrup is leading Florida’s legislatively funded degree completion initiative, Complete Florida for the state where policy and best practice will emerge regarding competency-based education, prior learning assessment and reducing the cost of education. Dr. Northrup recently served on the Florida Board of Governors Task Force for developing the Online Education Strategic Plan 2025. Dr. Northrup also has engaged in many other transformative projects including the development of a fully immersive curriculum in partnership with TEQGames at Universal Studios for the National Flight Academy. Dr. Northrup also has extensive expertise in online course and program design, development and implementation as well as many years’ experience in measurement, assessment and evaluation. She also has worked with the U.S. Navy on the development and deployment of mobile learning for service members and language instruction. She also has worked with performance improvement efforts with the U.S. Coast Guard and has presented at the Joint Special Operations University and led workshops on distance learning at the National Defense University Joint Forces Staff College. Dr. Northrup publishes and speaks extensively with her most recent efforts focused on the development of systems that support transformational change. She has authored a text on learning objects and has written extensively in the areas of systemic change, immersive education and distance learning. Dr. Northrup served as the Dean of the College of Professional Studies for many years and prior to that, developed the University of West Florida’s distance learning model that now serves over 30% of the university’s student population. Dr. Northrup received her B.S. in Elementary Education at the University of Florida, masters in Instructional Systems/Technology at Florida State University and PhD at Florida State University in Instructional Systems/Educational Research.

Robin Colson (Ed.)
Robin Colson, Ph.D., serves as the Director of Research and Evaluation for the Innovation Institute where she spends a great deal of time conducting research on areas of major emphasis to the Institute, typically tied to transformational innovation. Most notably is Dr. Colson’s work with competency-based education, building a practical perspective on the design and development based on her leadership in framing a competency-based program at UWF for Complete Florida. She has also worked on the Complete Florida Back to College Experience. Prior to joining the Institute, Dr. Colson served three years as an internal performance management and improvement consultant within the Florida Department of Children and Families. Over a career that spans nearly twenty years, she has held a variety of positions in training management, instructional design, human performance improvement, and performance management in both public and private organizations.


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