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Handbook of Research on Creative Cities and Advanced Models for Knowledge-Based Urban Development

Handbook of Research on Creative Cities and Advanced Models for Knowledge-Based Urban Development
Author(s)/Editor(s): Aly Abdel Razek Galaby (Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt)and Amal Adel Abdrabo (Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, Egypt)
Copyright: ©2021
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4948-3
ISBN13: 9781799849483
ISBN10: 1799849481
EISBN13: 9781799849490


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Discussing global society entails discussing the predominant characteristics of knowledge-based activities in all walks of life. Its main characteristics are based on creativity, innovation, freedom, and networking. The emergence of such a society poses several challenges to all disciplines of social sciences. Within such a context, sociologists must have practical encounters to the theoretical, methodological, and empirical challenges imposed within contemporary global society. In this vein, studying creative cities from an interdisciplinary perspective helps provide critical readings of the phenomenon and the different levels of the concept in reality.

The Handbook of Research on Creative Cities and Advanced Models for Knowledge-Based Urban Development provides global models and best practices of creative cities worldwide and illustrates different theoretical blueprints for the better understanding of contemporary global society. While defining key concepts of creative cities, global society, and creative class, the book also clarifies the main differences between hubs, parks, and precincts and their contributions to knowledge-based development. Covering topics that include knowledge economy, social inclusion, and urban mobility, this comprehensive reference is ideal for sociologists, urban planners/designers, political scientists, economists, anthropologists, historians, policymakers, researchers, academicians, and students.

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Reviews and Testimonials

"This handbook formulates a dynamic relationship between two major variables; policies of knowledge-based urban development and advanced models of creative cities in changing global society...This edition is distinguished by its reliance on interdisciplinary approach from different and integrative theoretical and methodological perspectives."

– Prof. Nevine Zakaria Mohamed Amin, Ain Shams University, Egypt

The [Handbook of Research on Creative Cities and Advanced Models for Knowledge-Based Urban Development]...presents a glimpse of transformations witnessed in urban agglomerations due to unprecedented advancements in the knowledge and applied technologies. While this book presents a multi-perspective interdisciplinary overview of a number of knowledge-based urban development’s aspects, each article investigates the tackled issues precisely and exhaustively.

– Prof. Khalid S. Al-Hagla, Alexandria University, Egypt

Author's/Editor's Biography

Aly Galaby (Ed.)

Aly Abdel Razek Galaby was born on 14/8/1941 in Egypt and works as a Professor of Sociology Faculty of Arts at Alexandria University and he got a Master’s degree in 1970 and a Ph.D. in 1973 from Alexandria University. He worked as an expert at the National Centre for Social Research and Crime Cairo in 1973 and the head of the Department of Sociology Alexandria 1990, Faculty of Social Sciences Qatar 1997. He also acted as an advisor to the National Centre for Research 2008 and decision of the Standing Committee promotions Supreme Council for Universities 2013 and 2016 and travelled on a scientific mission to the United States and Austria 1974 and seconded to work in a number of universities Arabic Beirut King Abdulaziz Qatar al-Jazair United Arab Emirates. He got the scientific promotion 1982 and Excellence 2004 membership of the Association Egyptian and Arab for sociology. He participated in conferences and seminars for children’s work UNESCO and the National Research Centre, 1992 and organized crime in the Arab nation Riyadh 1998 and social capital in Egypt Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2003 Social Responsibility and Citizenship 2009 National Centre for Research on the dialectic of social integration and nation-building in the Arab nation Qatar 2013 information systems in our life Alexandria 2016. His research has been presented at conferences on social inclusion and active citizenship Qatar 2013 Quality Assurance at universities Arabic Sharjah 2014 Egyptian knowledge Circles Alexandria 2016 and research published in scientific journals based on Knowledge Development Institute National Planning 2013 Globalization and the Identity Crisis Journal of the Arabic sociology 2017 and contributed to the authoring and translation of several books and number of research projects, the evaluation of scientific production and the validity of articles submitted for publication in a number of scientific journals.

Amal Abdrabo (Ed.)

Amal Adel Abdrabo is an urban sociologist and visual anthropologist who works at the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, Egypt. She is a former BNGS Fellow at the School of GAPP, The American University in Cairo, Egypt (AUC) where she worked on a project that deals with Palestinian Refugees’ memories (2014-2016). She is also a Visiting Post Doctor Scholar at the Center for African Studies at Basel University, Switzerland. She published and co-authored a lot of academic papers covering the previously mentioned fields of research in both Arabic and English. Her research interests cover development studies; migration studies; urban sociology; and visual anthropology.


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