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Utilizing Emotional Experience for Best Learning Design Practices

Utilizing Emotional Experience for Best Learning Design Practices
Author(s)/Editor(s): Sarah Sniderman (Learning Codes Inc, Canada)
Copyright: ©2025
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-2663-3
ISBN13: 9798369326633
EISBN13: 9798369326640


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Despite the growing recognition of emotional intelligence's importance in adult learning, educational approaches often overlook its critical role. Traditional methods focus heavily on cognitive outcomes, neglecting the affective domain crucial for effective learning and skill development. This oversight leaves learners ill-equipped to navigate the emotional challenges inherent in the learning process, hindering their ability to achieve transformative growth.

The book, Utilizing Emotional Experience for Best Learning Design Practices, offers a comprehensive solution to this problem by drawing on extensive research and practical experience. It argues that emotional intelligence should be at the forefront of educational design. It provides insights, models, and strategies for integrating emotional learning goals into instructional design, enabling educators to create more supportive and effective learning environments.

Author's/Editor's Biography

Sarah Sniderman (Ed.)

Learning strategist with 25+ years of experience creating instructional programs that meet the performance needs of global organizations. Successful independent consultant, team player, and reflective practitioner with great communication skills, always adapting to deliver high-quality learning experiences that fulfill client expectations, engage participants, and deliver on opportunities. Founder and host of the Vulnerability in life and art podcast, talking with artists and other creatives about their experiences of vulnerability and what it means for them to take risks and show who they are through the works they create. Presenter, writer, and facilitator on a range of topics including interactivity, fundamentals of learning design and development, and the emotional experience of learning. Completed Master of Arts in Educational Technology (Concordia University).


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