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Bio-Inspired Optimization Techniques in Blockchain Systems: Blockchain and AI-Enabled New Business Models and Applications

Bio-Inspired Optimization Techniques in Blockchain Systems: Blockchain and AI-Enabled New Business Models and Applications
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Author(s): Kande Archana (Malla Reddy Institute of Engineering and Technology, India), V. Kamakshi Prasad (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India)and M. Ashok (Malla Reddy College of Engineering, India)
Copyright: 2024
Pages: 17
Source title: Bio-Inspired Optimization Techniques in Blockchain Systems
Source Author(s)/Editor(s): U. Vignesh (Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, India), Manikandan M. (Manipal Institute of Technology, India)and Ruchi Doshi (Universidad Azteca, Mexico)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-1131-8.ch003



The integration of blockchain technology into the healthcare sector has shown immense promise in addressing critical challenges related to data security, interoperability, transparency, and patient-centric care. This chapter explores the emergence of blockchain-based healthcare applications and services, highlighting their potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Blockchain's inherent features, including decentralization, immutability, and cryptographic security, provide a solid foundation for improving various aspects of healthcare, such as electronic health records (EHRs), medical data exchange, supply chain management, clinical trials, and telemedicine. This chapter reviews several prominent use cases of blockchain in healthcare, such as patient-controlled EHRs, secure data sharing across institutions, provenance tracking of pharmaceuticals, and streamlining administrative processes through smart contracts. It also delves into the challenges that need to be addressed for scalability, regulatory compliance, standardization, and user adoption.

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