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Communication in Traditional and Network Organizations

Communication in Traditional and Network Organizations
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Copyright: 2019
Pages: 29
Source title: Knowledge Management and Innovation in Network Organizations: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Source Author(s)/Editor(s): Jerzy Kisielnicki (Warsaw University, Poland) and Olga Sobolewska (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5930-6.ch004


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In this chapter, the authors compare communication systems of network and traditional (hierarchical) organizations. They will also examine the factors that affect smooth functioning of modern communication systems. They are particularly interested in the role of ICT as a determinant of the operation of such systems. Communication systems of organizations depend on many factors. The crucial ones are the purposes that these systems are to serve and the resources allocated to them. Communication systems are analyzed in numerous works of literature on organization and management sciences. Those interested in these issues can be recommended to read the multi-volume Encyclopedia of Information Technology and Communication edited by M. Khosrow-Pour (2017). In order to present communication in organization management, the authors will employ a model approach that outlines managerial communication in a simplified way. The selection of analyzed sources is anchored in the study of literature and research reports as well as in their own experience as designers and researchers. The authors also point out that the issues highlighted in this chapter are elaborated on in other parts of this monograph.

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