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International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling (IJ3DIM)

International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling (IJ3DIM)
Now the International Journal of Digital Innovation in the Built Environment (IJDIBE)
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Jason Underwood (University of Salford, UK), Sisi Zlatanova (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)and Umit Isikdag (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey)
Published: Quarterly
Copyright: ©2012
DOI: 10.4018/IJ3DIM
ISSN: 2156-1710
EISSN: 2156-1702


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The International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling (IJ3DIM) focuses on three research domains: building information modeling, 3D GIS, and integration of 3D information in the urban built environment. IJ3DIM facilitates the exchange of current scientific information, as well as sharing of state-of-the art technological developments within the AEC industry. The journal provides a forum for information dissemination between academics and academics/professionals associated with city planning and management, infrastructure management, all disciplines of geosciences, building and civil engineering, disaster management, logistics, environmental planning and conservation, computer graphics, data management, gaming, and so forth. In addition to academics, the primary audience of the journal also includes engineers, architects, contractors, consultants, and facility managers. IJ3DIM publishes original research articles, case studies, reviews and best practices, and applications, including mathematical models and algorithms.


Volume 7, Issue 4
Volume 7, Issue 3
Volume 7, Issue 2
Volume 7, Issue 1
Volume 6, Issue 4
Volume 6, Issue 3
Volume 6, Issue 2
Volume 6, Issue 1
Volume 5, Issue 4
Volume 5, Issue 3
Volume 5, Issue 2
Volume 5, Issue 1
Volume 4, Issue 4
Volume 4, Issue 3
Volume 4, Issue 2
Volume 4, Issue 1
Volume 3, Issue 4
Volume 3, Issue 3
Volume 3, Issue 2
Volume 3, Issue 1
Volume 2, Issue 4
Volume 2, Issue 3
Volume 2, Issue 2
Volume 2, Issue 1
Volume 1, Issue 4
Volume 1, Issue 3
Volume 1, Issue 2
Volume 1, Issue 1


The mission of the International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling (IJ3DIM) is to provide a comprehensive and collective body of knowledge in the domains of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D Geographical/Geospatial Information Models & Systems (3D GIS). The journal stimulates the sharing of knowledge, research approaches and practical experience in domains related to BIM, 3D GIS and Urban Information Fusion and combines the worlds of BIM and GIS toward integrated management and re-use of “3D semantically rich information”. IJ3DIM encourages developments in BIM, 3D GIS, City Modeling (including Indoor Modeling). IJ3DIM focuses on both advanced technologies and soft aspects, including human, process, organizational, industrial level problems, relating to BIM, 3D GIS and Urban Information Fusion. The journal also facilitates the sharing of scientific knowledge related to the development of indoor applications, such as indoor navigation, evacuation, facility management, intelligent buildings, and sustainable buildings.

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