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Handbook of Research on Child and Adolescent Psychology Practices and Interventions

Handbook of Research on Child and Adolescent Psychology Practices and Interventions
Author(s)/Editor(s): Sanjeev Kumar Gupta (All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, India)
Copyright: ©2024
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9983-2
ISBN13: 9781668499832
ISBN10: 1668499835
EISBN13: 9781668499849


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The Handbook of Research on Child and Adolescent Psychology Practices and Interventions offers a crucial solution to the pressing need for comprehensive resources in the field of child and adolescent mental health. Edited by esteemed scholar Sanjeev Gupta from the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, this groundbreaking handbook brings together the latest research, evidence-based practices, and multidisciplinary perspectives to address the diverse challenges faced by children and adolescents. From affective disorders to global crises in mental health, the book covers a wide range of topics, providing multidimensional insights and empowering strategies for mental health practitioners, academicians, researchers, and students.

With a strong emphasis on early identification and intervention, the handbook highlights the vital role of parents, caregivers, and teachers in the sustainable rehabilitation of young individuals. It equips readers with drill practices and cognitive training programs tailored to the plasticity of young brains, setting the stage for positive changes in the natural history of mental health issues and disabilities, starting from the earliest weeks or months of life. By offering evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and practical insights, this comprehensive and multidisciplinary resource empowers professionals and organizations to make a lasting impact on the mental well-being of children and adolescents, ultimately reducing the burden on caregivers. The Handbook of Research on Child and Adolescent Psychology Practices and Interventions is an essential tool for anyone dedicated to improving the lives of young individuals and advancing the field of child and adolescent mental health.

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Reviews and Testimonials

The "Handbook of Research on Child and Adolescent Psychology Practices and Interventions" is a comprehensive compilation that delves into essential aspects of child and adolescent psychology, providing a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers, and educators. One particularly significant chapter within the handbook focuses on "Breaking Silence on Abuse and Neglect ." This chapter addresses the critical issue of abuse and neglect within the social sciences domain, shedding light on the pervasive yet often overlooked challenges faced by children and adolescents. By bringing attention to these issues, the handbook contributes to a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding abuse and neglect, emphasizing the need for effective interventions and practices. The significance of this chapter lies in its potential to inform professionals, policymakers, and academics about the latest research findings and best practices in addressing and preventing abuse and neglect in the social sciences domain. Overall, the handbook, with its dedicated chapter, serves as a crucial reference for advancing knowledge and promoting the well-being of children and adolescents in the field of psychology.

– Ritwika Nag, Research Assistant, Safeguarding Adolescent Mental Health, India

Author's/Editor's Biography

Sanjeev Gupta (Ed.)

Sanjeev Kumar Gupta’s passion is to make a positive difference in the lives of parents/caregivers and persons with communication/neurodevelopmental disorders through clinical practice, public education, research, and teaching. His areas of interest are child and adolescent mental health, caregivers’ engagement; screen addiction in children and adolescent; cognitive behaviour therapy for stuttering, mindfulness meditation, and telerehabilitation. As part of his clinical duty, he has evaluated 15,000+ cases, issued 1,000+ certificates/reports, and attended 40+ outreach programs in various parts of India. He has developed educational brochures & videos for public education, published 25 research papers/book chapters, authored/edited 5 books, completed one research project, and conducted 15+ workshops and training programs. He has attended 100+ academic conferences/meetings and presented 11 research papers in various conferences including the 31st International Congress of Psychology at Yokohama, Japan. He has received travel awards from the IBRO-APRC and DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance. He has reviewed many research papers for the journals like Journal of Learning Disability, Journal of Health and Allied Sciences NU, and Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology. On the teaching front, he has been an external examiner and question paper setter for M.Sc. and M.Phil. Courses at different universities. He has delivered 20+ lectures as an invited speaker and taken classes on various topics in Clinical Psychology for M.Sc. interns at AIISH, Mysuru. He holds Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical) from the University of Mysore, Mysuru, and M.Phil. in Medical & Social Psychology from the Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi. He has also qualified UGC NET in Psychology.


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