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Cooperative and Dialog-Based Multi-Agents in Global Software Delivery Management

Cooperative and Dialog-Based Multi-Agents in Global Software Delivery Management
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Author(s): Ravi Gorthi (Infosys Technologies, India), Andie Kurniawan (The University of New South Wales, Australia) and Nandan Parameswaran (The University of New South Wales, Australia)
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 4
Source title: Emerging Trends and Challenges in Information Technology Management
Source Editor(s): Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-019-6.ch091
ISBN13: 9781616921286
EISBN13: 9781466665361


An important characteristic of management, in our view, is the extensive use of dialogs by the project managers in their problem solving and decision making endeavor. High degree of dependency on manual interpretation in dialogs might cause problems or even failures due to the unpredictable nature of management, inconsistency and egoistic behavior of humans, and the drop of efficiency of humans under high-pressure situations. In our work, we have chosen the field of Global Software Delivery Management (GSDM) as the focus of our application. This paper discusses a cooperative and dialog based multi-agent framework to automate a class of management tasks in GSDM. We describe the important characteristics of GSDM, identify certain experience based, less ill-structured tasks that the project and quality manager routinely perform and discuss why and how the concepts and techniques of our multi-agents framework are suited best to automate the execution of these tasks. This work has the potential to contribute to enhanced and consistent productivity in GSDM. One may note that even a 5% enhancement in productivity and consistency will have considerable revenue benefits. We have implemented a prototype of our work using Java for Agent Development (JADE) platform and we argue here the results and benefits from a very relevant case study.

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