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Optimizing Medical Education With Instructional Technology

Optimizing Medical Education With Instructional Technology
Author(s)/Editor(s): Erdem Demiroz (Trakya University, Turkey) and Steven D. Waldman (University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, USA)
Copyright: ©2019
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6289-4
ISBN13: 9781522562894
ISBN10: 1522562893
EISBN13: 9781522562900


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In today's educational settings, infusing technology into educational practices is not optional. It is a necessity because of the changing expectations and needs of learners. In a fast-paced environment such as the medical profession, it is critical that future healthcare professionals have access to the most advanced training environments and resources.

Optimizing Medical Education With Instructional Technology is an essential reference that reports on technology-supported medical education. It introduces the best practices in 21st century learning approaches. This book, in addition to looking at medical education through the lens of instructional technologies, features research on topics such as the ethics of online education, mentoring research, and technology in the clinical setting. This book is designed for medical educators, instructional designers, researchers, practitioners, and academicians.

Reviews and Testimonials

"As modern healthcare transitions to a population health-based model of care, interprofessional collaboration has never been more important. Building A Patient-Centered Interprofessional Education Program provides the reader with a how-to-do-it guide on how to utilize interprofessional collaboration to improve the health of the patient and the population. Experts in interprofessional education provide real world examples of how to leverage interprofessional education to foster interprofessional collaboration to: (1) Improve patient care and outcomes; (2) Reduce Medical Errors; (3) Provide faster access to care; (4) Reduce inefficiencies and decrease healthcare costs; and (5) Improve job satisfaction and retention across the entire interprofessional team. It is our hope that you will find this text provides you with everything you need to build a strong patient-centered interprofessional education program".

– Prof. Steven Waldman, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, USA

Author's/Editor's Biography

Erdem Demiroz (Ed.)
Erdem Demiroz is faculty at Trakya University, School of Education, Department of Computer Education and Learning Technologies. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Education and Instructional and Learning Technologies (CEIT); MA with an emphasis on General Curriculum and Instructional Leadership (CIL) and Instructional and Learning Technologies (ILTs); and PhD with emphasis on Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies (formerly Curriculum and Instructional Leadership) and Mathematics and Statistics. He is a dedicated teacher and a scholar. As an active technology user, who have extensive background in ILTs, his general research interests focus on ILTs in general, best practices of using ILTs not only in K-12 education but also in higher education and its effects on learning processes and on student learning outcomes. His research interests include but are not limited to course redesign and flipped learning with heavy use of ILTs, virtual learning environments, online teaching practices and design, learning theories in virtual learning, artificial intelligence, gaming and educational game design educational practices, human-computer interaction, kinesthetic learning in virtual settings, etc. Finally, he is the Erasmus +, Farabi and Mevlana Programs coordinator of the CEIT department, and Vice Provost of the Trakya University Continuing Education Center.

Steven Waldman (Ed.)
Steven D. Waldman, M.D., J.D., serves as a member of the Humanities Advisory Committee in the School of Medicine. Along with fellow School of Medicine alums, Dr. Waldman served as a founding member of the Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities, helping raise the initial funding for the William Sirridge lectureship. Dr. Waldman is a frequent lecturer in Medical Humanities courses and serves as Co-Instructor of the Medicine and Film course. Dr. Waldman is the Director of Statewide Outreach Services at the UMKC School of Medicine and also serves as the Docent for the MD students. He holds joint academic appointments as Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology and Clinical Professor of Medical Humanities and Bioethics. The author of over twenty textbooks and numerous academic articles on the specialty of Pain Management, Dr. Waldman also continues his clinical work as a member of the Palliative Care Team at UMKC as well as an active member of the medical staff at Truman Medical Center.


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